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Product Description产品详情
2000L/H RO water purification description:       
The RO purified water making system is pre-treating the raw water container and desalting in the reverse osmosis system to get pure water. The pre-treatment device consists of multi-media filter,active carbon filter and precise micro filter.The components of the RO system has applied word famous water pump of "GRUNDFOS" from Denmark and the RO membranes made by HYDRANAUTICS and FILMTEC of USA.It is the most ideal drinkable water production facility in China.The system apply advanced PLC control system to achive full automatic run for the process of pure water production, flushing and back washing.

Operation mode: Fully automatic
RO membrane chemical washing manual
System shut down automatically when high pressure level exceed limit
Multi-stage pumps protect raw water income pressure at appropriate level
Low power and creepage protection
High quality sand and active carbon filter adopted
RO membranes auto wash and manual wash ; RO membranes manual wash with medicine;
 pure water high water level auto stop, low water level auto start; Multi-stage pump protected 
without water; protected when no power ,poor power, large electrical current, short circuit,
of electricity and so on.
Technical data:
Capacity of pure water:2000L/H     25℃
General power:7.3 KW
Electrical power:AC380V 16A 50Hz
RO membranes:ESPA4040  12 items (2 grade)
Multi-stage pump:CDL4-220/4.0 KW      1 item
                                CDL2-180/2.2 KW       1 item
Pre-filter:Φ750×1500×δ2.0                          2 items
Security filter(PP): Φ330×500×δ1.5  1 item
Booster pump: CHL8-30/1.1 KW      1 item
Active carbon:300 kg
Quartz sand:800 kg
main machine: 2500×600×1640
Beforehand filter:2200×1000×230
We have more than 18 years experience of producing water purification system. Our customers machine are working for them well. 
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