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Carton tape sealer machine
Carton tape sealer machine: Carton tape sealer machine (auto carton forming machine,auto case erector) can do the work of carton opening, shaping, folding and sticking adhesive tapes. This machine does not only saves time and cost but also can correct the carton to the right-angle automatically. All parts coming in contact with the packs are made of stainless or rust protected material. The machine is controlled by a micro computer( also called PLC).     
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Pallet Film Wrapping Machine
Pallet Film Wrapping Machine description: Pallet Film Wrapping Machine is specially combined with carton production line to wrap the piled pallet automatically Pallet Film Wrapping Machine: 1.This in-line stretch film wrapper is a ideal choice for the Automatic packaging line. 2.Products after being stacked on the pallet will be send to the wrapper automatically. 3.Widely used in electrical products ,paper ,chemical ,food ,beverage, industry area etc. 4.PLC controlled; wrapping layers ,height of wrap over the top ,reinforce layer can be set on the control panel. 5.Interconversion between manual mode and auto mode 6.The photocell can automatically detect the product height.
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automatic wrap packing machine
This type of machine is suit for beverage, drinking water, beer, wine and infusion bottle ect. packaging, which can be packed without tray and with a firm and beautiful appearance.
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Automatic carton packaging machine
   Automatic carton package system description: GF1509 Wrap Around Carton Packing System can finish the process of the cardboard sucking, product Packing and carton forming.  1.Introduction a.It can finish the process of the cardboard sucking, product Packing and carton forming all-in-one, t his is highly efficient to save labour cost.  b.The trays can be rectangular, with walls having either the same height or different heights. c.It is independently developed based on advanced technology. d.It is widely used for beer, wine, cigarette, soap, instant noodle ,floor ,and canned drink& food etc. 2. Compared with traditional packing ,wraparound case packer has the flowing advantages: • Effectively protect the products ,like moisture-proof, heat dissipation and easy to carry, etc. • Easy to adjust the machine when change to different size of product. • save 15% of the raw material , reduce the cost of the carton. • Reduce the labor cost , only 1~2 labor needed. • Save space , it`s a good solution for small workshop . • environment friendly ,the finished carton will be sealed by hot melt glue , which is more healthy and  beautiful compared with normal tape sealed carton,which is good for product promotion
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automatic shrink wrapping machine
This type ot machine is suit for beverage, drinking water,beer wine and infusion bottle ect. packaging,which can be packed without tray and with a firm and beautiful appearance
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Full automatic shrink wrapping machine
Imported PLC program automatic control, stable performance, precise control Film conveying the induction switch control, can control the length of film, reducing wear and tear. Conveyor motor adopts imported converter control, realize stepless regulation. Advanced spiral wind circulation structure, three layers of insulation, energy saving. Enhanced cooling stereotypes channel, can use quickly finalize the design product, convenient storage and transportation.
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high-speed automatic shrink packaging machine
It is specially designed for high speed packing requirement of bottled drinking water (pure water, beverage, juice, milk ect.) It can wrap and shrink two bags at one time, which greatly increase the producing rate.
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