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water bottle sleeve shrinking label machine
bottle water sleeve shrinking label machine description: This machine adopts international technology to insert and sealing the shrink label on round,  square,oblate bottle caps and body. The machine adopt high quality stainless steel and   aluminum alloys abundantly to rationalize the structure and handle easily.  The touch screens used on controlling circuits are easy to learn and handle.  As the new design conception and excellent curcuit design,the adjustments on a lot of   equipment are decreased,and the production speed and precision of the label cutting is improved extremely. Working principle: When the bottle pushing detector finds there are bottles coming and decides whether it is needed to work continuously.The bottle inlet screw start to push the bottle.The bottles come into the label inserting section.  And when it detects there is bottles come,it will immediately send the information to the control center:PLC,   and through PLC to make in turn order: label transporting,label locating,label cuting and label inserting.  After label inserting,a process of bottle label inserting finished and goes to label sorting and shrinking section. Technical reference: Easy change over of material reel to save time and enhanced safety. Straightforward label unwind systems can be operated by anyone without difficulty. Single driving and double driving wheels design ensure mandrel keeping its proper position during feeding. This will offer stable label feeding performance. Compact adjustable high-speed sensor keeps accurate label inserting position. Solid structured machine provides stable label inserting operation. Linear sliding changeover designs ensure quick change to other products. Optional equipments and accessories for customer to choose. Saving unnecessary expenses. Knife plate and mandrel can be easily changed within 3 minutes. Touch Screen Interface ensures user-friendly operation. Technical Data:  Model :  GF-SL-150  Input voltage :3P/ 220V/380V  Input power :2.5KW  Production capacity :150bottles per minute /4000-9000BPH   Machine Dimension :L2300*W1570*H2300mm  Range of bottle diameter :25mm-130mm  Range of label insertion length :25-250mm  Range of label thickness :0.035-0.08mm   Material :PVC/PET/OPS  Paper tube inner diameter :5’’-10’’ Model:GF-SL-250  Input Powe:3KW Input Voltage:3P,380/220VAC  Production Capacity: 250bottles per minutes/ 12000-15000BPH(bottles/min)  Size of Host Machine :2800L×1570W×2300H  Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body:28mm~120mm  Applicable Length of Label:25mm~250mm  Applicable Thickness of Label:0.03mm~0.13mm  Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube:5″~10″
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Electrical heating shrink tunnel
Electrical heating shrink tunnel description:  This heating shrink tunnel shirnk  the product by the form of electrical heating, the surface of the products have no droplet steam,  can be packed directly, this product mainly used in moisture-proof and damp-proof products. In case of different and irregular round bottles Squarer bottles and flat bottles etc ,the new-style steam shrinking oven is easy to adjust and maintain .it has a even shrinking the distribution of low-pressure steam drum and spouting way of steam are uniform and designed with seamiess tube .the nozzle is divided to be adjustable three segments and the height ,position and steam output of every segment can be adjusted respectively so as to gain the perfect shrinking effect .the whole machine is made of stainless steel with heat prese rvation ,which not only saves eneygy ,but also complies with the international safety standard ,the stainless steel defrosting tray collects condense water , the whole machine adopts the water-proof design with the convenience of operation
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Steam shrink tunnel
Steam shrink oven description:  This shrink oven is made of stainless steel material, improved on the basis of the original steam furnace body, it is mainly used in shrinking of round bottle, square bottle and flat bottle. This steam shrink oven is used with steam generator.   Technical data: Input power supply of fan: 220VAC 0.5KW Operating pressure: ≤0.1Mpa                             Weight : 180KG Dimension of the machine: 1800mm x W5000mm x H1600mm Steam consumption: 10-20KG/H  
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automatic sleeve labeling machine
Automatic sleeve labeling machine  description: The machines adopt high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys abundantly to rationalize the structure and handle easily. The touch screens used on controlling circuits are easy to learn and handle. As the brand new design conception and excellent circuit design, the adjustments on a lot of equipment are decreased, and the production speed and precision of the label cutting is improved extremely.
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Steam shrink oven
Steam shrink oven description: This shrink oven is made of stainless steel material, improved on the basis of the original steam furnace body, it is mainly used in shrinking of round bottle, square bottle and flat bottle. Input power supply of fan: 220VAC 0.5KW Operating pressure: ≤0.1Mpa                              Weight : 180KG Dimension of the machine: 1800mm x W5000mm x H1600mm Steam consumption: 10-20KG/H
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good quality sleeve label applicator
Automatic Shrink Sleeve Applicator is suitable for label sleeving in the fields of drinking, health-care products, cosmetics, washing articles for use, pharmaceuticals and petroleum and so on. greenforest Series Shrinking Label Sleeving Machines are easy to control, to change bottles and labels smoothly
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Double head bottle sleeve labeling machine
The machine itself has two sets of standard mechanism, one is used to set the bottle body, a bottle mouth is set. The stainless steel structure: made of stainless steel SUS304, simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, the water does not rust.
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double head shrink sleeve labeling machine
double head shrink sleeve labeling machine description: In order to meet the needs of markets at home and abroad, our company has researched and developed double head mechanism to meet the requirements of casting label for bottle mouth and bottle body.
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