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5L bottle water washing filling capping machine
The 3-in-1 washing filling capping in one monoblock Washing head:10PCS Filling head:10PCS Capping head:4PCS
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Handle applicator
Handle applicator description: The machine is mainly used in PET bottles, especially for the beverage industry. It can be designed according to the different shape and capacity of pet bottles and different handle sizes. This equipment consists of solid bottle feeding mechanism, star wheel drive mechanism, handle transportation agencies, bails pressed into four major bodies, automatic feeding and grasping and pressing ring mechanism. All stainless steel body of the guide bracket and make it look beautiful and coordination. Imported pneumatic, eletrical components to ensure superior performance equipment. Power is simple, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, and easy to integrate into your existing production line overall plant layout
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Automatic plastic bottle unscrambler
This machine is widely used in filling line,making disorder bottles in order and also flow into the filling line automatically. Reduce hugly workers. All electrical appliance is imported.
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automatic bottle unscrambler machine
automatic bottle unscrambler machine description: This series machine is suitable for unscrambling disordered polyester bottles.The disordered bottles are carried into the st -oring section of the machine, and with the help of the pushing force of the rotating disk, the bottles enter their position. Then the turning-bottle device and the air-flow make the bottle-mouth upward, at last bottles are discharged to the next process by air-transf-erring conveying system. The machine adopts PLC syste -m, and its frequency-control system can adjust its production ca -pacity easily. And also the device to get rid of distorted bottles is installed.
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5 gallon water filling line - Outer brushing machine
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Drinking Water Bottle Filling Machine
1 Gallon Filling Machine is highly integrated composed of screw bottle feeding, star wheel conveyance and bottle turning, washing, filling and capping. Featuring novel design, the equipment is clean, safe, stable and efficient at a leading level both at home and abroad.
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Auto bottle lifting machine
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3-10l bottle water filling line
When bottles are sent to the machine by conveyor continuously, they firstly are delivered to the receiving wheel by air-slide conveyor and then to washing part. The bottle clamps hold the bottles and turn over 180°to wash, then return back to their original position after enough washing and drying.
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5 Gallons Bottle washing machine
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