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automatic sleeve shrink labeling machine



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Product Description产品详情

automatic sleeve shrink labeling machine description:
2017 New automatic sleeve shrink labeling machine
More advantages than traditional machines 

New design cutter using servo drive 
The speed is high
Machines runs steadily
Incision smooth,incision position precision more or less 1mm
Shrinkage is beautiful 
With labels synchronous positioning  


The machine adopts advanced international technology to insert and sealing the shrink label on round or square bottles.
The sleeve label machine adopt high quality stainless steel and  aluminum alloys abundantly to rationalize the structure and handle easily. 
The touch screens used on controlling circuits are easy to learn and handle. As the new design conception and excellent curcuit design,the adjustments on a lot of  equipment are decreased,and the production speed and precision of the label cutting is improved extremely.

1.Synchronous transmission device,any transmisson belt can be changed soon in 3-5minutes. Tranditional multilayer even arm type
,which takes more than 6 hours to change the belt. New design easy maintenance,saving time. 
2. New design cutter using servo drive,keep high speed,runs steadily.
3.The Knife dish original place sensor is placed in the knife dish,when disassembling the knife dish,no need to proofread the synchronous situation, the machine can automatically located the original place using original place sensor.Safe and convenient. Reaching advanced level in the same products.

Technical data:

Model GF-SL150
Capacity ≥10000BPH(labels height≤100 mm)
Percent of pass ≥99.9%
production effection ≥96%(24hours 
Bottle diameter Æ60mm ~Æ 120mm,special bottle,we design seperately
Bottle height 30 mm -320 mm,special bottle,we design seperately
Suitable labels  PVC、PET、OPS
Labels length 30mm ~250mm
Labels thickness 0.027mm ~0.13mm
Label transparent  space ≥5mm
Label core diameter ≥4”(101.6mm)
Label outer diameter ≤500mm
Voltage AC380V,50/60HZ,3phase
Power 3KW
Air consumption 1-8Kg/cm2
Steam gas consumption <25Kg/houre
Machine size  sleeve labeling main machine:2100X850X2000mm
Machine weight  900 kg

Inner structure photos:

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